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Zadie looked out at the expectant audience. She began to get nervous again, and she wondered if her performance would be good enough for the audience. What does the word expectant suggest about the audience in the sentence above?
a) They do not care about Zadie's performance.
b) They are too loud for Zadie to perform.
c) They do not think Zadie will perform well.
d) They assume Zadie will perform well.

Marmalade was lying on the dog bed, trying to sleep in the heat. However, she could only toss and turn throughout the night. What does the phrase toss and turn suggest?
a) Marmalade changes the bed's position.
b) Marmalade sleeps restlessly in her bed.
c) Marmalade tries to catch things at night.
d) Marmalade likes to throw her bed around.

Her eyes were glistening as she looked at the pair of shoes that she looked at every single day. What is the connotation of the word glistening?
a) Ellen's eyes are filling up with tears.
b) Ellen's eyes are shiny from the sun.
c) Ellen's eyes are covered with glasses
d) Ellen's eyes are reflecting sunlight.

They wanted to do this because they didn't want to be thought of as vanilla. What is the connotation of the word vanilla?
a) Jon and Marvin like to be thought of as people.
b) Jon and Marvin both do not like the taste of vanilla.
c) Jon and Marvin do not want to be considered boring.
d) Jon and Marvin prefer to eat chocolate ice cream.

José snatched the ball from his brother's hand and ran off, leaving his brother stunned. What is the connotation of the word snatched in the sentence?
a) José gripped the ball very tightly
b) José grabbed the ball very quickly.
c) José took the ball to play with it.
d) José caught the ball with his hands.

Some of the other kids noticed this change and thought, Jerry has certainly lost his fangs. What does the phrase lost his fangs suggest?
a) Jerry has lost his mean streak.
b) Jeremy has misplaced his snake.
c) Jeremy has lost most of his teeth.
d) Jerry's friends have missing teeth.

The words take, grip, seize, and obtain all have similar meaning. Which word below has the most negative connotation?
a) take
b) grip
c) seize
d) obtain

She would zip through books as soon as she brought them home from the library. What is the connotation of the word zip?
a) April has a zipper on her books.
b) April reads books very quickly.
c) April keeps her books in her bag.
d) April closes her books very tightly.

Which of the following sentences suggests that Lupe had a short conversation with someone?
a) Lupe had an exchange with her friend in the hall.
b) Lupe had a talk with her mother in the morning.
c) Lupe had a discussion with her English teacher.
d) Lupe had a chat with the principal before class.

Which of the following words meaning without strength has the most negative connotation?
a) gentle
b) dainty
c) delicate
d) feeble

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