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In the late 1700's what country passed new laws that affected its colonies?
a) Britain
b) Canada
c) France
d) Britain and France

What did you have to pay in order to obtain goods?
a) toll
b) taxes
c) interest
d) none of the above

On what date were the loyalists defeated at Moores Creek Bridge?
a) January 22, 1776
b) June 27, 1776
c) February 27, 1776
d) December 27, 1776

When was the Declaration of Independence approved?
a) July 4, 1776
b) January 4, 1776
c) August 4, 1776
d) May 4, 1776

In what county did the people declare their independence from Britain?
a) Harrisburg
b) Mecklenburg
c) Huntersville
d) Carter

What was the date that the colonists declared independence?
a) May 20, 1775
b) July 20, 1775
c) March 20, 1775
d) February 20, 1775

What does the word protest mean?
a) protect
b) run
c) stand still
d) object to

Where did the French have colonies set up?
a) Georgia and Louisianna
b) France and Italy
c) Canada and Louisianna
d) Canada and France

What county did leaders from North Carolina meet?
a) Mecklenbury
b) Huntersville
c) Carter
d) Halifax

In 1750, how many British colonies were along the Eastern coast?
a) 2
b) 7
c) 13
d) 0

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