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What is Stanley accused of stealing?
a) A baseball player's shoes.
b) A football player's helmet.
c) Ms. Harris's pencils.
d) He is not at Camp Green Lake for stealing.

How long do the boys have to shower before the water shuts off?
a) 2 minutes
b) 3 minutes
c) 4 minutes
d) 5 minutes

Which boy at Camp Green Lake has an unknown Parent Given name?
a) Squid
b) X-Ray
c) Zero
d) Magnet

What do the boys call Mr. Pendanski?
a) Aunt
b) Dad
c) Mom
d) Sister

What is Mr. Pendanski's role at Camp Green Lake?
a) Guard
b) Warden
c) Camp Counselor
d) He is there for fun!

There's really only one rule at Camp Green Lake: Don't upset the ____.
a) Guard
b) Warden
c) Counselor
d) The snakes

What measurement does each hole need to be dug?
a) 2ft by 2ft
b) 4 ft by 4ft
c) 5ft by 5ft
d) 6ft by 6ft

Why did Mr. Sir begin eating a sack of sunflower seeds a week?
a) He had quit smoking.
b) He did not have enough salt in his diet.
c) He was salty.
d) He just felt like eating sunflower seeds.

Stanley's father was trying to invent a way to recycle____________.
a) old sneakers
b) new sneakers
c) flip-flops
d) pots and pans

Which famous outlaw robbed Stanley's great grandfather when he was moving from New York to California?
a) Jesse James
b) Billy the Kid
c) Kissin' Kate Barlow
d) The Horrifying Harris

Who put a curse on Stanley's family?
a) A witch
b) A wizard
c) A unicorn
d) A gypsy

Whenever anything went wrong, they always blamed Stanley's no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great _______________.
a) great aunt
b) great uncle
c) grandmother
d) grandfather

What is the worst thing that can happen to you at camp?
a) A bite from a rattlesnake.
b) A bite from a yellow-spotted lizard.
c) A bite from Ms. Harris.
d) A sting from a scorpion.

What is the name of the camp Stanley is attending?
a) Camp Green Lake
b) Camp Harris
c) Camp Fun and Games
d) Camp Swan Lake

The judge called Stanley's crime______________.
a) funny
b) persistant
c) despicable
d) dirty

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