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Greg applies a force of 200 N to move a box 2 meters. How much work did he do?
a) 400 J
b) 400 N
c) 100 J
d) 100 N

Which of the following must happen for work to be done?
a) The object must move, and there must be an output force.
b) The object must move in the opposite direction of the force
c) The object must move in the same direction as the force.
d) The object must move, and the mechanical advantage must be greater than 1

What does a fixed pulley change
a) the speed of the force
b) the timing of the force
c) the size of a force
d) the direction of the force

When a screwdriver is used as a lever to open a paint can, what is changed as the work is done?
a) the size of the input force
b) power
c) the size and direction of the input force
d) the direction of the input force

What is a machine that is made of two simple machines?
a) simple machine
b) compound machine
c) inclined plane
d) lever

The rate at which energy is transformed is called what?
a) power
b) joule
c) energy
d) work

If two people lift identical stacks of books the same direction and one person does the job twice as fast which of the following is true?
a) work input
b) efficiency
c) power
d) work output

In which situation is a person doing work on an object?
a) a school crossing guard raises a stop sign that weighs 10N.
b) a worker holds a box 1 m off the floor.
c) A man exerts 350 N force on a rope attached to a house
d) a student walks while wearing a backpack that weighs 15N

What is an inclined plane that is wrapped around a cylinder?
a) screw
b) whel and axle
c) lever
d) inclined plane

What is the unit for power?
a) watt
b) Newton Meter
c) newton
d) joule

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