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In which one of the following cases will refraction occur?
a) light traveling from air to glass
b) light reflecting off a mirror
c) light bending around the corner of a door
d) green light interfering with blue light

When light bounces off a surface, it is called __________________.
a) reflection
b) refraction
c) diffraction
d) interference

The speed of sound through air is about _______________.
a) 340 m/s
b) 2,000,000 m/s
c) 3,000,000 m/s
d) 3,000,000 m/hour

A place where molecules are far apart is a ___________________.
a) refraction
b) reflection
c) rarefaction
d) compression

Which one of the following determines the color of a light wave?
a) amplitude only
b) wavelength and amplitude
c) wavelength and frequency
d) interference patterns

Tsunamis have a large amount of energy because of their large ________________.
a) wavelength
b) amplitude
c) frequency
d) diffraction

Which one of the following is NOT an example of a compressional wave?
a) wave moving through a coiled spring
b) sound traveling through the air
c) sound traveling through water
d) green light traveling through the air

Which one of the following is NOT an example of a mechanical wave?
a) sound wave
b) water wave
c) earthquake wave
d) radio wave

Which one of the following is NOT an example of an earthquake wave?
a) sound wave
b) x-rays
c) red light
d) gamma rays

Constructive interference occurs when waves meet ________________.
a) crest-to-crest and trough-to-trough
b) crest-to-trough and crest-to-trough
c) trough-to-crest and trough-to-crest
d) crest-to-crest

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