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How do the factors of temperature and pressure change as someone goes deeper into the ocean?
a) Temperature increases, but pressure decreases
b) Temperature and pressure both increase
c) Temperature decreases, but pressure increases.
d) Temperature and pressure both decrease

A “steeply inclined” section of the Continental margin that is located between the Continental Shelf and the Continental Rise is called what?
a) Rift Valley
b) Abyssal Plain
c) Mid Ocean Ridge
d) Continental Slope

Which contains the greatest amount of freshwater?
a) Groundwater
b) Oceans and seas
c) Lakes and rivers
d) Glaciers and Polar ice caps

Approximately what percentage of Earth’s water is saltwater?
a) 71 percent
b) 97 percent
c) 30 percent
d) 3 percent

Where does most water vapor in the atmosphere come from?
a) Evaporation from the ocean
b) Evaporation from the soil
c) Transpiration from plants
d) Evaporation from glaciers and polar ice caps

Which source of energy below is the most important in driving the water cycle?
a) Gravity is necessary to pull water downhill when it rains
b) Sunlight heats up surface water creating the process of evaporation.
c) Geothermal energy is important so forms of precipitation like rain occur.
d) Wind helps change surface water into water vapor during the process of evaporation.

What process created the Grand Canyon?
a) snow erosion
b) wind erosion
c) ice erosion
d) river (water) erosion

What causes an underground water table to change?
a) Excessive demands on the aquifer because more and more people have populated an area.
b) Drought conditions
c) Melting snow from mountain ranges
d) All of the choices are correct.

John wants to explain the water cycle to his mother because he learned it in school today. What should John say to her?
a) run off, evaporation, melting, precipitaion
b) evaporation, condensation, precipitation, run-off, accumulation
c) condensation, evaporation, run-off, collection
d) evaporation, precipitation, run-off

Mountain chains that form in the ocean, because of tectonic plates pulling apart, are called____________________.
a) Seamounts
b) Rift valleys
c) Mid ocean ridges
d) Ocean trenches

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