Reconstruction In Missouri Question Preview (ID: 305)

Review Game Covering The Reconstruction In Missouri After The Civil War.

Which of the following was not a problem Missourians faced after the Civil War?
a) Homes were destroyed.
b) Bridges were destroyed.
c) Railroads were destroyed.
d) African Americans were used as slaves.

What happened to Abraham Lincoln just after the Civil War?
a) He was assassinated.
b) He got married.
c) He had a child.
d) He graduated from college.

Which of the following was not a good result of Radical rule in Missouri?
a) The Radicals rebuilt schools that had been destroyed in the war.
b) The Radicals imposed harsh laws on citizens who had supported the Confederacy.
c) The Radicals opened schools for African Americans.
d) The Radicals established schools to train teachers.

Which of the following groups worked to get the right to vote after the Civil War?
a) white men
b) women
c) doctors
d) astronauts

Name the Missouri leader who worked hard to do away with harsh Radical laws.
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Martin Luther King, Jr.
c) James B. Eads
d) Frank Blair

Hiram R. Revels became one of the first black _______________.
a) senators
b) governors
c) mayors
d) Supreme Court justices

Which of the following words describes Missouri after the war?
a) desegregated
b) segregated
c) slave state
d) equality

Which of the following does not describe James Milton Turner?
a) Diplomat
b) Teacher
c) Senator
d) Civil Rights Leader

What year did women get the right to vote in Missouri?
a) 1920
b) 1801
c) 1999
d) 1925

Which of the following was a famous Missouri outlaw?
a) Charles Birthright
b) Hiram Revels
c) Annie Baxter Malone
d) Jesse James

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