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This economic system is based on supply and demand and what the consumers want to buy:
a) market
b) command
c) traditional
d) communist

What country has the strongest economy in Africa?
a) Nigeria
b) Botswana
c) South Africa
d) Namibia

This trade barrier is a tax placed on imported goods:
a) Tariff
b) Quota
c) Embargo
d) Boycott

An example of a CAPITAL investment is:
a) Buying a hamburger
b) Building a factory
c) Cutting down trees
d) Hiring a store manager

The European colonization of Africa caused:
a) Tribal conflicts
b) Civil war
c) Africans having the desire for independence
d) All of these

What has led to famine in Africa?
a) Repeated drought
b) AIDS deaths have reduced the workforce
c) Infertile soil and erosion
d) All of these

Although South Africa is a parliamentary democracy, what is the title of South Africa's leader?
a) Prime minister
b) King
c) President
d) Dictator

Who gets better access to school in Africa?
a) Girls
b) Boys
c) Children under the age of 10
d) There are no schools in Africa

An example of entrepreneurship is:
a) Working at a factory
b) Teaching at a school
c) Starting a computer repair business
d) Not having a job

Kenya's government is a:
a) Monarchy
b) Presidential democracy/Constitutional republic
c) Dictatorship
d) Autocracy

Control rests with a small group in this government:
a) Oligarchy
b) Autocracy
c) Democracy
d) Republic

The legislature holds the power in this type of government system:
a) Parliamentary
b) Confederation
c) Presidential
d) Both parliamentary and presidential

ONE leader holds complete power in this government:
a) Democracy
b) Republic
c) Oligarchy
d) Autocracy

This type of government is a loose alliance of states and countries who voluntarily work together for a common purpose, but retain their own power as local governments:
a) Confederation
b) Federal
c) Unitary
d) Parliamentary

The literacy rate in Africa is:
a) High
b) Low
c) Higher for men than women
d) Both low AND higher for men than women

A high literacy rate generally leads to:
a) High crime rate
b) High standard of living
c) Low standard of living
d) High agricultural production

A strong pride, belief in, and devotion to one's country is:
a) Democracy
b) Nationalism
c) Protectionism
d) Isolationism

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