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Which of these steps are in the right venipuncture procedure order?
a) Establish blood flow, release tourniquet, fill and mix tubes, remove needle.
b) Remove needle, apply tourniquet, establish blood flow, shake patients arm
c) Apply tourniquet, puncture arm
d) Mix tubes, puncture arm, don gloves

Which of the following is not a valid reason for failure to obtain a blood specimen?
a) The patient gives consent to the collection
b) You did not have the right equipment on your tray
c) You made an attempt but did not obtain blood
d) The patient disappeared and not show up to the appointment

Which of the following specimens requires routine (normal) handling
a) Ammonia
b) Bilirubin
c) Cholesterol
d) Ribflavin

Proper needle disposal involves
a) disposing of the needles and tube holder in the sharps container as one unit
b) disassembling the needle, and tossing in the trash
c) rinse off the equipment, and put it in you pocket for future use
d) give it to the patient as a souvenir

To seat the needle in the vein means to
a) anchor the vein while inserting the needle
b) increase the angle needed to enter the vein
c) redirect the needle to gain entry to the vein
d) thread part of the needle within the lumen

Needle phobia is defined as
a) anxiety about admission to the hospital
b) inability to watch while others are drawn
c) intense fear of needles and being stuck
d) spiders???????????

A test is ordered fasting to
a) assess a patient after outpatient surgery
b) eliminate the effects of diet of test results
c) determine patient eligibility for surgery
d) standardize test results on critical patients

Going without food or drink except water for 8-12 hours is
a) fasting
b) NPO
c) routine
d) TDM

Examples of timed tests include
a) basic metabolic panel, potassium, and glucose
b) determine patient suitability for surgery
c) draw it at the best times for accurate results
d) establish a clinical diagnosis

Symptoms of needle phobia include
b) fainting
c) arrhythmia
d) lightheadedness

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