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What does Cole watch in the spruce tree?
a) Baby Sparrow and their mother
b) A hawk
c) an eagle and her babies
d) squirrels

What does Cole Imagine is Covering him?
a) a towel
b) dirt
c) The at.oow
d) water

After the storm passes, what reminds cold of the circle Garvey spoke of?
a) The Sun
b) The Moon
c) the tree
d) the sparrows

What does Cole understand as the circle of life and death?
a) live and die
b) peace
c) nature
d) live, die, rot, live again

What does Cole decide is the real power?
a) Choices
b) Fear
c) Strength
d) God

What is the first thing Cole eats after the mauling?
a) a caterpiller
b) Grass
c) the sparrows
d) soup

What other things does Cole eat while he is unable to walk?
a) ants
b) worms
c) a mouse
d) All of the above

After Cole spits at the bear what does the bear do?
a) licks the spit
b) stands over Cole
c) Attacks Cole
d) A and B

What does Cole imagine he is in his dream?
a) a worm
b) an eagle
c) A baby sparrow
d) a monster

Who rescues Cole?
a) Peter
b) Garvey and Edwin
c) Cole's Mother
d) Rosey

How is Cole taken from the island?
a) A boat
b) an airplane
c) a helicopter
d) a bus

Who is Rosey?
a) Cole's girlfriend
b) A Nurse
c) Cole's Aunt
d) Peters Mother

What do the people in Cole's nightmare call him?
a) A baby-faced con
b) a liar
c) a thief
d) a hero

What does Cole do with the white hair he pulled from the bear?
a) He shows it to Garvey as proof
b) He keeps it
c) He makes a necklace
d) He throws it in the bay

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