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What point of view is Touching Spirit Bear written in?
a) 1st person
b) 2nd person
c) 3rd person omniscient
d) 3rd person limited

What type of Character is Cole?
a) Protaganist
b) Antagonist
c) Dynamic
d) All

Which words best describe Cole in the beginning of the book?
a) angry; defiant
b) fearful; gutless
c) shamed;humble
d) vicious;relaxed.

Why did Cole beat up Peter?
a) he was bored
b) he was angry at his parents
c) Peter told on him
d) He wanted to prove he was tough

The main antagonist of the novel
a) Peter
b) Cole
c) Garvey
d) Edwin

Why does Garvey help Cole?
a) it's his job
b) Cole reminds him of himself
c) Cole is his son
d) He doesn't want to help

Which of the following completes the similie? The Spirit Bear stood still ____ a statue.
a) like
b) as
c) is
d) of

A Symbol of Peace and trust
a) The hatchet
b) The Keeper
c) The At.oow
d) the island

Who decides what happens to Cole after the banishment?
a) Garvey
b) Peter
c) Cole
d) The Circle

A Tlingit Indian
a) Peter
b) Edwin
c) Cole
d) Nathaniel Blackwood

An Alcoholic
a) Cole
b) Nathaniel Blackwood
c) William Mathews
d) Garvey

The nurse who cared for Cole after the mauling
a) Rosey
b) Peter's Mother
c) The Keeper
d) William Mathews

The Woman who conducted the circle Justice Meetings
a) Rosey
b) The Keeper
c) Peter's Mother
d) Garvey

A Parole Officer
a) Edwin
b) Peter
c) Cole
d) Garvey

A Red-Headed 15 year old
a) Peter
b) Cole
c) William Mathews
d) Edwin

What women opposes Cole going to Alaska?
a) The Keeper
b) Cole's Mother
c) Peter's Mother
d) Cole

Who is Cole's Lawyer?
a) William Mathews
b) Edwin
c) Nathaniel Blackwood
d) Garvey

What are the baby sparrows a symbol of?
a) Love, life and family
b) nature
c) weakness
d) strength

What is Circle Justice?
a) Jail
b) banishment
c) an alternative to punishment
d) a joke

What does Cole realize during the storm?
a) he's weak
b) nature is powerful
c) he has no control
d) all

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