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What organ warms and moistens incoming air?
a) nasal cavity
b) nose
c) pharynx
d) trachea

What do we call the little tubes inside your lungs?
a) alveoli
b) bronchi
c) bronchioles
d) trachea

What do we call the area where your vocal cords are attached?
a) trachea
b) pharynx
c) larynx
d) alveoli

What do we call the muscle that helps your lungs inflate and deflate?
a) trachea
b) pharynx
c) larynx
d) diaphragm

What is the order of organs that air travels through on its way into your body?
a) nasal cavity, pharynx, alveoli, brochiole
b) nasal cavity, pharynx, trachea, alveoli
c) alveoli, trachea, nasal cavity, pharynx
d) pharynx, larynx, bronchiole, trachea

Why do you need mucus and cilia in your respiratory tract?
a) to trap dust and debris
b) to warm up the air
c) to moisten the air
d) to help you swallow food

Why must the alveoli be covered in capillaries?
a) capillaries are for protection
b) capillaries help with gas exchange between the blood stream and the alveoli
c) capillaries help the lungs inflate and deflate
d) capillaries help moisten the air inside the lungs

What is the correct description of gas exchange in the lungs?
a) oxygen in, carbon dioxide out
b) carbon dioxide in, oxygen out
c) oxygen and carbon dioxide in and air out
d) air in, air out

What structure protects your lungs from getting crushed?
a) rib cage
b) skull
c) diaphragm
d) stomach

Which direction does your diaphragm move when you INHALE?
a) down
b) up
c) stays the same/in place
d) to the side

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