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Which blood vessels carry oxygen-rich blood, away from the heart?
a) arteries
b) capillaries
c) veins
d) all of them

Which blood vessel is thin-walled and has valves?
a) arteries
b) veins
c) capillaries
d) all of them

What do we call the microscopic blood vessels, where gas exchange between the blood stream and cells occurs?
a) arteries
b) veins
c) capillaries
d) all of them

What two chambers of the heart only carry oxygen-rich blood?
a) left and right ventricles
b) left and right atrium
c) right atrium and ventricle
d) left atrium and ventricle

Where does blood go after it leaves the right side of the heart?
a) to the left side of the heart
b) to the lung
c) out to all the body systems
d) to the brain

Why is your blood pressure 2 numbers?
a) One number represents blood going to the lung, the other to the rest of the body.
b) One number represents pressure in arteries, the other the pressure in veins.
c) One number represents oxygen-rich blood, the other oxygen-poor.
d) One number represents when the heart is refilling, the other when it is pushing blood out.

Which part of blood helps you clot when you are injured?
a) red blood cells
b) plasma
c) platelets
d) white blood cells

What part of your blood helps you fight off a bacterial infection?
a) red blood cells
b) white blood cells
c) plasma
d) platelets

Which bloodtype can be given to any other blood type?
a) A
b) B
c) AB
d) O

What do the colors RED and BLUE represent for the circulatory system?
a) red is blood flowing toward the heart, blue is blood flowing away
b) red is oxygen-rich blood and blue is oxygen-poor
c) red represents veins, blue represents arteries
d) red represents capillaries, blue represents veins and arteries

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