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A type of music that was very popular was
a) rap
b) hip-hop
c) heavy metal
d) Silly Putty Sing Alongs

The Miracle on Ice involved
a) the end of the Cold War
b) new uses of Silly Putty
c) President Reagan
d) the US hockey team in the Olympics

In the late 1980s, the stock market
a) rose at a record rate
b) crashed
c) recovered it's earlier losses
d) was taken over by Silly Putty sales

Interest rates were
a) very low
b) moderate
c) very high
d) applied to Silly Putty purchases

A popular toy released in the 1980s was the
a) Rubics cube
b) Slinky
c) Silly Putty Slider
d) Etch a Sketch

In 1987, the Minnesota Twins won the
a) Superbowl
b) World Cup
c) World Series
d) Silly Putty Prize

Wearing seatbelts in the 1980s was
a) required
b) useful if you were carrying Silly Putty
c) illegal
d) optional

One of the events leading to the end of the Cold War was the
a) assassination of John Lennon
b) erupting of Mt. St. Helens
c) tearing down of the Berlin Wall
d) addition of Silly Putty to school supply lists

Popular movies included
a) Forrest Gump
b) ET
c) Jaws
d) Silly Putty vs. Godzilla

Many people in the 1980s moved to the
a) Rust Belt
b) Corn Belt
c) Sun Belt
d) Silly Putty Playrooms

President Reagan was a former
a) Actor
b) Astronaut
c) Silly Putty Champion
d) Lawyer

Part of the Reagan Doctrine to counteract communism was to
a) get involved in at many civil wars
b) supply nuclear weapons to insurgents
c) provide financial and military support to anticommunist governments
d) provide Silly Putty in unlimited quantities to any country who opposed communism

President Reagan was a popular President
a) True
b) False

This drug became popular in the 1980s
a) Morphine
b) Cocaine
c) Methamphetamines
d) Silly Putty

A popular entertainer from the 1980s was
a) Marilyn Monroe
b) Heath Ledger
c) Silly Putty Pat
d) Michael Jackson

President Reagan's economic policy included an increase in
a) social programs
b) defense spending
c) experimental science
d) sales of Silly Putty to communist nations

The Strategic Defense Initiative was a program to develop a space-based missile system. It was more commonly known as
a) Silly Putty
c) Cold War
d) Star Wars

Deficit means
a) extra of something (money, food, etc)
b) shortage of something (money, food, etc)
c) the stock market went up
d) an abundance of Silly Putty

Changes in the Soviet Union in the 1980s led to more freedom in other countries like
a) Poland
b) Czeckoslovakia
c) Hungary
d) All of the above

Space shuttles were unique because they could
a) fly into space from any airport
b) carry more cargo
c) come back to earth on land, not in the sea
d) manufacture Silly Putty

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