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A racing car has a mass of 1000 kg. It undergoes an acceleration of 4.00 m/s2. What is the net force acting on the car?
a) 776 N
b) 3000 N
c) 250 N
d) 4000 N

The force that opposes motion is ______________.
a) a balanced force
b) an accelerating force
c) friction
d) an unbalanced force

A planet is discovered that is the same size as Earth and has the same gravitational acceleration, but has twice the mass. If you weigh 700 N on Earth, on the new planet you would weigh ____.
a) 350 N
b) 2,800 N
c) 1,400 N
d) 700 N

Magnets and gravity are example of ____________ forces.
a) rolling
b) friction
c) non-contact
d) contact

When two birds are pulling on a worm and the worm moves toward the first bird, you know that the forces are ________.
a) action-reaction
b) balanced
c) noncontact
d) unbalanced

How is energy created in the Sun?
a) nuclear growth
b) star bonding
c) covalent bonding
d) nuclear fusion

What is the term for heat moving through a material or from one material to another?
a) conduction
b) temperature
c) convection
d) radiation

A metal spoon and a plastic spoon are placed in hot water. After a minute, the metal spoon feels hot and the plastic spoon feels warm. How is heat transfer different between the two spoons?
a) The plastic spoon radiates heat, but the metal spoon does not.
b) The metal spoon allows conduction to occur faster than the plastic spoon.
c) The plastic spoon allows conduction to occur faster than the metal spoon.
d) The metal spoon radiates heat, but the plastic spoon does not.

The heat from the sun reaches us by ___________?
a) conduction
b) temperature
c) radiation
d) convection

A space heater produces warm air in a room. Heat in the room moves with the warm currents from warmer areas to cooler areas. This is an example of _____?
a) conduction
b) temperature
c) radiation
d) convection

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