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The leader of the Soviet Union in the 1980s was
a) Pope John Paul II
b) Gorbachev
c) Castro
d) Silly Putty Frank

Most homes had
a) Cordless phones
b) Cell phones
c) Silly Putty Handsets
d) One or two phones with cords

The 1980s saw the first woman
a) astronaut
b) Supreme Court Justice
c) Vice-President candidate
d) all of these

People watched movies in their homes with
a) NetFlicks
b) DVDs
c) VCRs
d) Silly Putty Players

1980s fashions included
a) bell bottoms, tie-dye and peace signs
b) big hair, leg warmers and makeup
c) leather jackets
d) Silly Putty glasses

One problem with Reaganomics was the resulting
a) homeless population
b) anti-war protests
c) Silly Putty sales
d) debt

During the 1980s there was an assassination attempt on
a) General McArthur
b) Michael Jackson
c) Silly Putty users
d) Ronald Reagan

When the Challenger blew up, it caused
a) Power outages
b) The Soviets to win the Space Race
c) A slowdown in the space shuttle program
d) Astronauts to speak out against Silly Putty

In 1982, the economy suffered a setback called a(n)
a) Recession
b) Booom
c) Depression
d) Silly Putty Problem

The number of people with this illness increased in the 1980s
a) Silly Putty Sickness
c) Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome
d) Zika

Yuppies was a term applied to
a) The Cold War
b) People with AIDS
c) Silly Putty users
d) Young professionals who were a bit self-centered

Television changed in the 1980s due to the introduction of
a) Cable
b) Color television sets
c) HD-TV
d) Silly Putty

Nancy Reagan (President Reagan’s wife) started
a) Working at soup kitchens
b) The “Just Say No” campaign against drug use
c) The Red Cross
d) Making homemade Silly Putty

One of the scandals that President Reagan was involved in concerned selling weapons to
a) Iraq
b) Iran
c) Israel
d) Silly Putty fans

Reaganomics relied on the “trickle down” effect which meant that
a) The Cold War would end
b) Taxes would go down for everyone
c) Silly Putty would become the most popular toy
d) Lowering taxes on rich people would result in an improved economy for everyone

This crisis ended when Ronald Reagan became President
a) Watergate
b) The Cold War
c) Iran Hostage situation
d) Silly Putty stuck to the bottom of someone’s shoe

A major change in television involved
a) 24-hour programing
b) Reality-TV shows
c) Game shows
d) Silly Putty Cartoons

Many video games
a) started as board games
b) were played in arcades
c) involved role-playing
d) featured Silly Putty

Safety was less of an issue in the 1980s
a) True
b) False

SALT treaties were
a) an attempt to get rid of Silly Putty
b) between the US and Germany
c) an attempt to limit nuclear weapons
d) unsuccessful

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