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An example of a change of state is __________.
a) evaporation
b) folding paper in half
c) dissolving
d) rusting

The _________ is an example of a physical change.
a) melting of chocolate
b) folding a piece of paper in half
c) freezing of water
d) all answers are physical changes

Which of the following is an example of a chemical change?
a) sublimation
b) burning
c) melting
d) evaporating

Which of these indicates that a chemical change has taken place?
a) change from a liquid to a gas
b) release of heat energy
c) change in shape
d) dissolving of a solid

A ____ is an example of a compound machine.
a) lawnmower
b) shovel
c) baseball bat
d) wheel and axle

___________ is a moving inclined plane.
a) elevator
b) escalator
c) wedge
d) see-saw

All of these are simple machines EXCEPT .
a) Pulley
b) Bicycle
c) Wheel
d) Inclined Plane (ramp)

What is one way in which simple machines make work easier?
a) improving the quality of axles used in cars
b) eliminating the need for workers to apply any force when completing tasks
c) decreasing the amount of force necessary to complete a task
d) creating the need for more workers

A solution with a pH of 13 is a ____.
a) strong acid
b) strong base
c) weak acid
d) weak base

How do Newton’s laws help scientists understand more about the physical world?
a) Scientists can now improve the scientific method.
b) Scientists use these laws to study electricity and magnetism.
c) Scientists can now study concepts without having to make measurements.
d) Scientists use these laws to make predictions about the motion of objects.

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