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The punnet square is best used to
a) show how parents make gametes
b) show the probability or chances of having a child with certain traits
c) show that everyone can have children with any trait
d) show the relationships of a family and their genetic diseases

Which one is FALSE?
a) Inside the Punnett square shows the possible children's traits
b) Outside the Punnett square shows the parent's gametes for a trait
c) Two recessive parents (Ex: bb and bb) can have a baby with a dominant trait (Bb)?
d) Two right-handed parents (Rr and Rr) can have a left-handed baby (rr)

Why don't two parents have all their children look the same?
a) It is all because of mutations each time
b) Because our DNA changes during our life
c) Because the eggs and sperm are all different combinations of the parent's genes
d) Because all the eggs are the same, but all the sperm is different.

What traits an offspring gets depends on
a) genes only from the female’s egg
b) genes only from the male’s sperm
c) it has nothing to do with the eggs and sperm
d) genes in both the sperm and egg

Why do some traits show up in the child from the mother and sometimes it is from the father?
a) The father has the strongest traits
b) It is just a lucky chance
c) The baby gets whatever sperm or egg had the dominant traits
d) It is always an exact 50/50 mix of mom and dad ( traits are always equal showing up)

Which genotype below is heterozygous?
a) BB
b) Hh
c) hh
d) none of these

If both parents are something, like right-handed, and the baby ends up left handed, that means the parent's genotypes were...
a) Rr and Rr
b) Rr and RR
c) RR and RR
d) two right-handed parents can't have a left handed baby!

Cross a heterozygous right-handed dad and a left-handed mom. What percent of left-handed kids would you expect?
a) 25%
b) 50%
c) 100%
d) 0%

Versions of a trait, such as blue , green, brown, and hazel for eyes are called
a) alleles
b) genotypes
c) homozygous traits
d) combinations

Have two of the same genes from your parents, like BB is called
a) heterozygous
b) homozygous dominant
c) homozygous recessive
d) heterozygous dominant

What is the proper name for Nn?
a) heterozygous dominant
b) homozygous recessive
c) heterozygous
d) homozygous dominant

Which statement about genetics is NOT TRUE:
a) There are dominant and recessive traits
b) There are 2 genes for each trait
c) The dad's traits are usually stronger than the moms.
d) a person can carry a gene for a trait in their chromosomes that does not show up in them.

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