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The town of Wilton has a population of 785 people. Plainville has 10 times the number of people in Wilton. How many people live in Plainville?
a) 795
b) 7,805
c) 7,850
d) 78,500

. A truck driver traveled 4,273 miles in June. What is that number rounded to the nearest hundred?
a) 4,300
b) 4,270
c) 4,200
d) 4,000

Which two comparisons are correct?
a) 1,801 1,810 and 4,230 4,203
b) 991 919 and 3,075 3,750
c) 5,206 5,260 and 610 601
d) 3,075 3,750 and 1,801 1,810

A plane traveled approximately 13,000 miles. Which two distances could the plane have actually traveled?
a) 11,627 and 13,478
b) 12,531 and 12,437
c) 12,737 and 13,478
d) 13,478 and 13,873

What are the partial products when multiplying 492 x 13?
a) 1,476 and 4,920
b) 14,760 and 492
c) 2,476 and 492
d) 1,276 and 4,920

An animal shelter can hold 268 dogs. Each dog needs 2 bowls: one for its food and one for its water. What is the total number of bowls the animal shelter needs?
a) 426
b) 490
c) 536
d) 686

A book company is inviting 8 students from each school to submit an essay for a contest. There are 231 schools. What is the total number of students who may submit essays to the contest?
a) 2,318
b) 1,848
c) 1,648
d) 1,119

There are 124 seats on a small airplane. An airline owns 35 of these airplanes. How many seats are there in all on this airline's airplane?
a) 992
b) 1,590
c) 3,724
d) 4,340

A spider has 8 legs. Which is the most reasonable estimate for the total number of legs 532 spiders have?
a) 580
b) 3,600
c) 4,000
d) 5,800

One truck carries 682 oranges. How many oranges do 12 trucks carry?
a) 12,682
b) 8,184
c) 6,700
d) 2,046

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