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There are 36 inches in one yard. How many inches are in 32 yards?
a) 180 inches
b) 1,052 inches
c) 1,142 inches
d) 1, 152

Matthew practiced his trumpet for 26 minutes each day for 18 days. How many minutes did Matthew practice in all?
a) 234 minutes
b) 428 minutes
c) 468 minutes
d) 868 minutes

It took Mrs. Wortham 9 days to read her book. She read 17 pages each day. What is the total number of pages in Mrs. Wortham's book?
a) 63
b) 144
c) 153
d) 214

Tony is counting the number of soup cans on the shelf at the store. There are 8 rows with 18 cans in each row. There are 4 empty shelves. How many cans are there altogether?
a) 84
b) 144
c) 146
d) 484

Michelle packed 6 boxes of books. Each box has 24 books in it. How many books did Malik pack in all?
a) 124
b) 144
c) 156
d) 244

Which factor make the sentence true? 500 x ____ = 2,000
a) 4
b) 40
c) 400
d) 4,000

Mia buys a case of printer paper. There are 5 packs of paper in the case. Each pack has 500 sheets of paper. How many sheets of paper did Mia buy in all?
a) 25
b) 250
c) 2,500
d) 25,000

Which two factors have a product of 300?
a) 6 and 50
b) 3 and 10
c) 600 and 5
d) 30 and 1

Which has a product of 400?
a) 50 x 8
b) 2 x 20
c) 20 x 200
d) 80 x 50

Marie collected 93 shells. She gives each of her 3 friends the same number of shells and keeps the rest. How many shells does Marie keep?
a) 90
b) 31
c) 3
d) 0

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