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what organ are not part of the male genital system ?
a) testes
b) vas deferens
c) labia minora
d) epididymis

the male sex is called
a) testes
b) penis
c) scrotum
d) sperm cell

male gametes are called
a) testes
b) sperm
c) scrotum
d) penis

What is the hormone responsible for causing sudden emotional changes and sexual feelings that occur in males during puberty?
a) estrogen
b) testosterone
c) LH
d) progesterone

The release of the egg from an ovary is known as
a) fertilization
b) ovulation
c) negative feedback
d) freedom

Fertilization usually occurs in the
a) ovary
b) Fallopian tubes
c) vagina
d) uterus

A fallopian tube is a passageway through which an egg travels from the ovary to the uterus.
a) True
b) False
c) Maybe

it contains blood vessels that link the fetus to the mother.
a) ovary
b) fallopian tube
c) female veins
d) vagina

The new cell that is formed from fertilization is called a
a) ovum
b) zygote
c) sperm
d) gamete

What are the overall physical changes that occur in male and female bodies during puberty called?
a) premenstrual symdrome.
b) estrogen
c) secondary sex characteristics
d) testosterone

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