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Cells are the basic building blocks of
a) plants, but not animals
b) animals but not plants
c) both plants and animals
d) all life

If light travels through an eyepiece lense of magnification 10x and the objective lens of 40x, the total magnification is
a) 400x
b) 10x
c) 40x
d) 4x

The control centre of a cells is
a) mitochondrion
b) nucleus
c) ribosome
d) cytoplasm

Mitochondria produce
a) protein
b) energy
c) water
d) nutrients

A LARGE vacuole is found in
a) fungi
b) animal cells
c) plant cells
d) bacteria

When a specimen is magnified
a) the field of view increases
b) the field of view decreases
c) the field of view remains the same
d) the microscope stops working

Which of the following is the biggest difference between plant and animal cells?
a) the presence of a cell wall in plant cells and not in animal cells
b) the presence of cytoplasm
c) the presence of a nucleus
d) the presence of a cell membrane

In mitosis, Interphase is when
a) the chromosomes are duplicated
b) the chromosomes are pulled apart to each end of the cell
c) the cell splits into two
d) the chromosomes line up in the middle

in mitosis, Metaphase is when
a) the cell splits into two
b) the chromosomes line up in the middle
c) the chromosomes are pulled apart to each end of the cell
d) the chromosomes are duplicated

The blood from the body enters the heart through the
a) pulmonary vein
b) aorta
c) superior vena cava
d) pulmonary artery

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