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In the digestive system, mechanical digestion is
a) the break down of large pieces of food
b) the break down of partially digested food
c) the break down of food particles into simple substances
d) the use of mechanical teeth to chew food

The nutrients from the digested food is absorbed into the bloodstream in the
a) large intestine
b) small intestine
c) stomach
d) rectum

The liver
a) store bile
b) produces enzymes for chemical digestion
c) breaks down fats by producing bile
d) absorbs water and nutrients

The blood leaving the heart from the left ventricle travels via the
a) superior vena cava
b) aorta
c) inferior vena cava
d) pulmonary artery

The left hand side of the heart
a) receives oxygen poor blood from the body
b) receives oxygen poor blood from the lungs
c) receives oxygen rich blood from the lungs
d) pumps oxygen poor blood to the rest of the body

What happens when you inhale (breathe in) air?
a) The diaphragm moves downwards and the rib cage expands
b) The diaphragm moves upwards and the rib cage expands
c) The lungs deflate
d) The alveoli gives carbon dioxide to the blood.

The components of the circulatory system are
a) blood and heart
b) lungs and heart
c) blood, heart and blood vessels
d) blood and blood vessels

In the digestive system, chemical digestion is
a) the break down of partially digested food using chemicals called enzymes
b) the churning of food in the stomach to break it down further
c) the chewing of food by the teeth to break down the food
d) the muscular contractions of the oesophagus to push food into the stomach

In the respiratory system, the trachea is like
a) the bark of a tree
b) the leaves of a tree
c) the branches of a tree
d) the trunk of a tree

In the respiratory system, where does the oxygen from the air get transferred to the blood of the circulatory system?
a) trachea
b) bronchus
c) bronchioles
d) alveoli

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