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Which of these is an accomplishment of Maynard Jackson during the Civil Rights era?
a) Helped to ensure that Georgia would remain a segregated state
b) Was elected the first black mayor of a major Southern city
c) Promoted school segregation in rural Georgia towns
d) Supported the awarding of contracts to white-owned businesses

Which of the following statements BEST describes the view of Herman Talmadge concerning civil rights issues?
a) He supported the idea of desegregation in public schools.
b) He supported the integration of public schools.
c) He strongly opposed any attempts to increase civil rights.
d) He agreed with the US Supreme Court’s civil rights decisions

What was the significance of Hamilton Holmes and Charlayne Hunter in the Civil Rights Movement of Georgia?
a) They were leaders of the Albany Movement who worked with Martin Luther King.
b) With their admission, the University of Georgia became integrated.
c) They were segregationists who were against integration at the University of Georgia.
d) As members of the Sibley Commission, they promoted limited integration in Georgia Public Schools.

How did the 1946 “Three Governors Controversy” play an important role in the Civil Rights Movement in Georgia?
a) The 1946 election was the first time an African American was elected a governor of a state.
b) The result of the 1946 election was that Georgia governors in the 1950s and 1960s were all segregationists.
c) Civil Rights leaders supported all three choices for governors in the 1946 election.
d) The governors that followed the 1946 election believed in desegregation.

What was the purpose of the Sibley Commission?
a) Investigate the problem of school integration in Georgia.
b) Close public schools in Georgia
c) Set up a series of meetings to bring blacks and whites together
d) Open private schools in every county

Which of the following best describes how the end of the white primary impacted the voting rights of African Americans in Georgia?
a) African Americans could not vote in the democratic primary in Georgia.
b) African Americans could only vote in the general election.
c) It allowed African Americans to vote in the Democratic primary.
d) It resulted in the end of the Democratic Party in Georgia.

Which of these was the MOST significant effect of the 1996 Olympic Games on Georgia?
a) The Olympic bombing created a negative impression of Georgia to the rest of the country.
b) Atlanta benefited from increased revenue, construction, international recognition, and population.
c) Enough money was raised to provide funding for the deepening of the Savannah Port.
d) Many people were forced to move out of Atlanta in order to make room for the Olympic Games.

The MAIN role of the SNCC in Georgia was to:
a) Set up non-violent protests against discrimination in the South.
b) Lobby the Georgia General Assembly to keep schools segregated.
c) Travel in rural areas of the state talking to white segregationists about the value of integration
d) Use armed protest to force civil rights advancement in the state.

How has Jimmy Carter contributed to the area of human rights?
a) He worked for human rights as a constitutional lawyer in Georgia
b) He drafted human rights legislation when he was Georgia’s governor.
c) He placed human rights at the center of his foreign policy as president.
d) He rescued victims of human rights abuses when he was a naval officer

Which of these was NOT an impact of the end of the county unit system and reapportionment?
a) Elections were fairer because each person’s vote counted equally.
b) Georgians living in urban areas had more influence in the outcome of elections
c) More African Americans were elected into public office
d) More seats in the Georgia General Assembly were occupied by segregationists

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