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What county is High Point in?
a) Sussex
b) Salem
c) Burlington
d) Atlantic

Hoboken is part of what county?
a) Husdon
b) Camden
c) Salem
d) Sussex

Paterson is part of what county?
a) Passaic
b) Gloucester
c) Camden
d) Cape May

What county does your teacher live in?
a) Morris
b) Mercer
c) Monmouth
d) Bergen

What county do you live in?
a) Bergen
b) Passaic
c) Morris
d) Middlesex

The Seaside Heights boardwalk is in what county?
a) Ocean
b) Cumberland
c) Somerset
d) Hunterdon

What counties border Pennsylvania
a) Gloucester
b) Camden
c) Burlington
d) Mercer

What county borders Delaware
a) Salem
b) Sussex
c) Mercer
d) Somerset

What county is Cape May Courthouse in?
a) Cape May
b) Camden
c) Gloucester
d) Cumberland

What county is Freehold in?
a) Monmouth
b) Mercer
c) Middlesex
d) Morris

Which Counties are not near a river, state, or ocean?
a) Morris
b) Mercedr
c) Atlantic
d) Salem

Which county borders two states? (New York and Pennsylvania)
a) Sussex
b) Salem
c) Camden
d) Monmouth

Which county borders the Delaware Bay?
a) Cumberland
b) Camden
c) Mercer
d) Atlantic

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