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Who does Cole argue with at the circle?
a) His Dad
b) Peter
c) Garvey
d) The Keeper

At the Circle Garvey says Cole has will and courage, but what does he also have?
a) strength
b) passion
c) ugly anger
d) all of the above

What does Peter feel will make things better?
a) Writing an apology
b) Cole being sent to Alaska
c) Cole going to jail
d) If Cole was beat up

When will the tide come in?
a) The morning
b) Midday
c) Evening
d) Midnight

At the end of one years banishment who will decide what happens to Cole?
a) Garvey
b) Edwin
c) Peter
d) The Circle

Who does Cole blame for his banishment on the island?
a) Peter
b) Edwin
c) himself
d) Garvey

What does Cole make to fight the bear?
a) a knife
b) a bow and arrows
c) a spear
d) he has a gun

What does Cole find to eat?
a) shellfish
b) a deer
c) supplies
d) a fish

What does Cole grab to help him pull away from the bear?
a) A stick
b) Devils Club
c) A vine
d) a rock.

What does Cole kill while he's lying hurt, barely breathing?
a) a slug
b) an ant
c) A caterpiller
d) a worm

Where does Cole wish he was?
a) Jail
b) detention
c) home
d) school

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