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What does Garvey bring to Cole's Cell?
a) A Cake
b) Ingredients for a Cake
c) A brown paper Bag
d) All of the above

What does Cole do with the ingredients?
a) He bakes a cake
b) Eats them and trashes his cell
c) He throws them at Garvey
d) He throws them away

How does Cole plan to escape from the island?
a) He doesn't plan to escape.
b) Build a raft.
c) swim from island to island until he is rescued.
d) steal Garvey's boat.

What does Garvey call Cole instead of Champ at the end of chapter 4?
a) A moron
b) Chump
c) A child
d) irresponsible

Where do Cole's parents sit at Circle Justice?
a) On either side of Cole
b) They don't come.
c) as far from Cole as possible
d) Next to Peter's parents.

How many of Cole's classmates show up for circle justice?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3

What obligations must a speaker fulfill at the circle?
a) Honesty
b) Respect
c) Honor
d) A and B

What does the Circle want to believe about Cole?
a) That he is lying
b) That he will go to jail
c) That he robbed a store.
d) That he is sorry.

Why can't Cole swim away?
a) The tide is coming in
b) the water is too cold
c) the tide is going out
d) there are sharks.

What scares Cole after he makes it back to shore?
a) sharks
b) A spirit Bear
c) He is alone
d) Garvey

What presence does Cole see?
a) Peter
b) Garvey
c) a shark
d) A Spirit Bear

What does Cole find near the ashes of the shelter?
a) supplies
b) The At.oow
c) a totem
d) an axe

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