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Which of the following human activities does NOT contribute to habitat destruction?
a) Deforestation
b) Mining
c) Agriculture
d) Trick question. All of these activities can contribute to habitat destruction.

Organisms in overpopulated areas do not survive well due to which of the following?
a) increase in food and shelter
b) reduction in food and shelter
c) increase in habitat
d) reduction of competition

When a field is replaced by a housing development, what happens to the organisms in the area?
a) There is an increase in the food supply for the population.
b) There is an increase in the population size.
c) The population declines due to less food and shelter being available.
d) Competition for food and shelter is reduced.

In a forest ecosystem, the number of organisms started decreasing because land is cleared to grow crops. Which factor is responsible for the decline of animal population?
a) lack of enough living space
b) lack of pure air
c) lack of clean water
d) lack of adequate sunlight

Habitat destruction, such as deforestation, is a major cause of:
a) herd competition
b) smog
c) hibernation
d) species endangerment

Rainforests have been cleared to get timber. What effect will this have on the rainforests?
a) Plants will have more space to grow.
b) Animals will no longer depend on plants for food.
c) Plants will grow faster as the soil will increase in fertility.
d) Animals will not survive the loss of habitat.

The amount of available space helps to determine the ideal population size. Which of the following will decrease the space available for a population to live?
a) hunting
b) habitat destruction
c) reclamation
d) conservation

A wooded area where animals live is cleared and replaced with new homes. What will happen to the animals that live in the wooded area?
a) They will be forced to find a new place to live.
b) They will continue to live in the area as they did before.
c) They will all be killed by the machines used to clear the land.
d) The animal populations will increase because of the increased space.

In some countries today, people have cut down rainforests in order to have wood for heating and cooking. Which statement describes the greatest immediate negative impact of this deforestation?
a) The ozone layer will be damaged.
b) The ozone layer will be damaged.
c) Animals and plants will lose their habitats.
d) The amount of oxygen in the air will dramatically decrease.

Habitat destruction ________ the area available to a population.
a) increases
b) decreases
c) does not affect
d) randomly affects

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