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what is 33 divided by 13 rounded to the nearest hundreth?
a) 2.53
b) 2.54
c) 2.55
d) 2.52

What is 6552 divided by 15?
a) 436.6
b) 436.7
c) 436.8
d) 436

What is 87 divided by 20?
a) 4.35
b) 4.3
c) 4
d) 435

What is 8.9 divided by 1.6 rounded to the nearest hundreth?
a) 5.56
b) 5.57
c) 5.6
d) 5.56

What can you do to a decimal when dividing to get rid of any remainder?
a) Add decimals to the dividend
b) Add ones to the dividend
c) Add zeros to the dividend (and a decimal for whole numbers then add zeros)
d) Add zeros to the divisor

What do you place over repeated digits in the quotient to show Ms. Lyon that the digits repeat?
a) A bar
b) a smiley face
c) a chicken
d) a line

When you round to the tenth's place, which number do you look back at?
a) Thousands
b) tens
c) hundreds
d) hundreths

When rounding to the tenths place, which place values do you need in the quotient before you can stop dividing?
a) tenths and hundreths
b) tenths and hundreds
c) tens and ones
d) tens and hundreths

What is the product of 7.77 and 11?
a) 85
b) 7777
c) 85.47
d) 1177

Wgat is 99.9 divided by 0.7 and rounded to the nearest tenth?
a) 14.3
b) 14.7
c) 14.3
d) 142.7

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