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What U.S. president worked out a peace agreement between Begin and el-Sadat?
a) Carter
b) Nixon
c) Kennedy
d) Roosevelt

What was the cause for the Persian Gulf War?
a) Iran attacked Iraq.
b) Iraq attacked Iran.
c) Iran attacked Kuwait
d) Iraq attacked Kuwait.

What organization was formed to bring attention to the Palestinian problem?
a) the Intifada
b) the Palestine Liberation Organization
c) the Camp David Accords
d) the United Nations

Of the following, what was an outcome of the Suez War?
a) Egypt lost the Sinai Peninsula.
b) Israel took control of the Suez Canal.
c) Egypt took control of the Suez Canal
d) Nasser was not considered a hero

In what area(s) of Israel do Palestinians enjoy limited self-rule?
a) East of the Jordan River
b) West Bank and Gaza Strip
c) Refugee camps
d) All of Jerusalem

What is the religion of most of the Middle Eastern countries?
a) Christian
b) Muslim
c) Hindu
d) Jewish

What is one reason the Middle East is important to the world?
a) The Middle East is a major manufacturing center.
b) The Middle East is a provider of oil and has the Suez canal.
c) The Middle East has rich farmlands, able to produce an abundance of food.
d) The Middle East is a major source of water in the area.

The country of Israel was created from an area of what country?
a) Egypt
b) Iran
c) Iraq
d) Palestine

What is the use of violence against civilians to achieve a goal?
a) Communism
b) Passivism
c) Socialism
d) Terrorism

The U.S. War on Terror has shifted from Iraq to what other Middle Eastern country?
a) Afganistran
b) Iran
c) Israel
d) Palestine

After apartheid, who became the first president of the Republic of South Africa?
a) Indira Gandhi
b) F. W. de Klerk
c) Mohandas Gandhi
d) Nelson Mandela

Only white people under Apartheid were allowed to do this.
a) Leave
b) Play
c) Vote
d) Work

What was the goal of the African Union?
a) develop democracy and promote economic growth
b) gain worldwide support for independence
c) control widespread diseases in Africa
d) maintain economic dependence on Europe

Of the following, what was NOT a challenge to independence in African countries?
a) Leaders were inexperienced.
b) some lands had harsh dicatators
c) Colonial boundaries included rival ethnic groups
d) Colonial boundaries were drawn by European leaders

How did Japan change following World War II?
a) Japan went from a farm economy to an industrial economy.
b) Japan went from an industrial economy to a farm economy.
c) Japan went from destruction to an economic power.
d) Japan was so destroyed, it never recovered.

Why did the people of East Pakistan declare their independence?
a) They were unhappy with the rule of Great Britain
b) They were unhappy with the rule of India
c) They were unhappy with the rule of West Pakistan
d) They were unhappy with the Islamic religion

What is the predominate religion of India?
a) Christian
b) Hindu
c) Islam
d) Jewish

Why did the British divide India?
a) So India would not be very big
b) So one part would be industrial and the other part agricultural
c) To help ease religious differences
d) To separate the different races in India

What leader practiced passive resistance in India’s push for independence?
a) Indira Gandhi
b) Jawaharlal Nehru
c) Mohandas Gandhi
d) Nelson Mandela

What European country had colonial control of India?
a) France
b) Great Britain
c) Netherlands
d) Portugal

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