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Who was the leader of the communist party in China who started their new communist government?
a) Douglas Mac Arthur
b) Mohandas Gandhi
c) Ho Chi Minh
d) Mao Zedong

Who was responsible for helping Japan rebuild after WWII?
a) Mao Zedong
b) Ho Chi Minh
c) Mohandas Gandhi
d) Douglas Mac Arthur

What is it called when people are forced to separate from others due to race?
a) Nationalism
b) Segregated
c) Unity
d) Select

Where did Japan attack causing the US. to enter WWII?
a) Pearl Harbor
b) Atlanta
c) Washington D.C.
d) New York

What is the refusing to buy a product to protest ideas or practices?
a) Segregated
b) Protest
c) March
d) Boycott

What word means not allowing something?
a) Forbid
b) Boycott
c) Permit
d) Grant

What is going against something without the use of violence or physically harming others?
a) Violent Protest
b) Boycott
c) Non-Violent Protest
d) Segregated

What type of government is where everything is controlled by the government who claims everything is shared equally?
a) Communism
b) Autocracy
c) Unitary
d) Democracy

What means not allowing something?
a) Permit
b) Prohibit
c) Endorse
d) Boycott

Who was the man that helped India gain independence and is known for equality and non-violence?
a) Douglas Mac Arthur
b) Mao Zedong
c) Mohandas Gandhi
d) Ho Chi Minh

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