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Which country is the 6th largest producer of oil in the world?
a) Venezuela
b) Mexico
c) Brazil
d) Panama

What city is effected by air pollution?
a) Rio de Janerio, Brazil
b) Mexico City, Mexico
c) Bogota, Columbia
d) Cancun, Mexico

Which Country faces the problems of deforestation?
a) Brazil
b) Peru
c) Panama
d) Bolivia

What is being done about the deforestation?
a) It is illegal to cut down any trees
b) Nothing is being done about deforestation
c) There are limits to how many trees can be cut down
d) Cutting down trees is encouraged

What is the main cause of air pollution in Mexico City?
a) Factories pollute rivers and lakes
b) The Mexican government is not sure what is causing this problem
c) Nearly every home in mexico uses a coal burning stove
d) Exhaust from cars and factories

What is being done about air pollution in Mexico City
a) Citizens are encouraged to drive less
b) On some days factories will shut down
c) They are working to develop cleaner burning fuels
d) All of these are ways that Mexico City is trying to fix their air pollution issue

What is being done about oil related pollution in Venezuela?
a) The government enforces very strict laws for extracting oil
b) The government organizes and funds oil cleanup efforts
c) The government does not to much because they actually control Venezuela's oil industry
d) Citizens in Venezuela constantly protest the oil companies

What is the primary cause for deforestation of Brazil's rainforests?
a) Land is constantly being cleared for farming
b) Timber industries take advantage of the lax protection laws
c) Many citizens use slash and burn to clear out forests
d) All of these factors contribute to the deforestation of Brazil's rain forests

What geographic feature of Mexico City makes it difficult to keep the air clean?
a) There is no wind in Mexico City to move polluted air out
b) Mexico City is in a valley which traps polluted air
c) Mexico City has little rain which would help clean the air
d) All of these contribute to Mexico City's air pollution issue

Venezuela's government controls all oil manufacturing within the country, this is knows as what type of economics?
a) Command
b) Market
c) Traditional
d) Mixed

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