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Where is atmospheric pressure greatest?
a) at the ocean
b) where an airplane cruises
c) in a mountainside city
d) at the outer edge of the atmosphere

If a fluid flows from area A to area B, then area B must be an area of lower
a) temperature
b) mass
c) volume
d) pressure

Which statement best explains why air bubbles rise to the surface in a pond?
a) A fluid can flow and take the shape of its container.
b) Air is about 1,000 times less dense than water
c) Pressure is the amount of force exerted on a given area
d) The weight of the atmosphere pushes down on the water.

Fluid pressure is exerted evenly in all directions, which explains why
a) some objects float and some sink
b) birds and airplanes can fly
c) bubbles are round
d) objects seem to weigh more in air than in water

What is affected by an airplane's speed?
a) buoyancy
b) gravity
c) air quality
d) lift

Which of the following would NOT affect the level at which a canoe floats in a body of water?
a) depth of the water
b) number of people in the canoe
c) shape of the canoe
d) density of the canoe's material

Why would a pilot adjust a plane's wing flaps?
a) to reduce cabin pressure
b) to increase drag
c) to reduce drag
d) to increase cabin pressure

Why would a 1 cubic centimeter piece of balsa wood be more buoyant than a 1 cubic centimeter piece of oak?
a) Balsa has more mass per unit volume
b) Oak is more dense
c) Balsa is stronger
d) Oak is less dense

What is the equation for pressure?
a) Pressure = area/force
b) pressure = force/area
c) pressure = mass/volume
d) pressure = volume/mass

When you exhale, what happens in the lungs?
a) air moves from high pressure (in the lungs) to low pressure (outside)
b) lung pressure decreases
c) space in your lungs increses
d) air moves from low pressure (in the lungs) to high pressure (outside)

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