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The team felt confident; they felt ____________ chances of winning were high.
a) our
b) his
c) its
d) their

Jenna was worried; _______ fear of heights made riding the roller coaster scary for her.
a) her
b) their
c) your
d) its

Kevin and I worked together on that project. That project is ________
a) theirs
b) ours
c) mine
d) his

I speak next week. I need to practice ________ speech.
a) his
b) our
c) your
d) my

The dog pressed __________ face against the window.
a) his
b) their
c) its
d) your

Which sentence uses the the correct intensive pronoun?
a) The students ourselves made all the refreshments.
b) I herself had the best audition
c) You ate the cake himself
d) Shirley yourself is to blame

Which sentence agrees with its antecedent in number?
a) Zoo visitors are excited when we see the big cats.
b) Zoo visitors are excited when they see the big cats.
c) Zoo visitors are excited when you see the big cats.
d) Zoo visitors are excited when she see the big cats.

I heard wood splintering and glass breaking. _____ heart started to beat like a drum.
a) her
b) your
c) my
d) their

Rico will finish the assignment _____________.
a) himself
b) themself
c) hisself
d) ourself

When people are terrified, __________ often don't make wise decisions.
a) you
b) we
c) it
d) they

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