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The breaking down of rock at Earth's surface is called
a) erosion
b) weathering
c) sediment
d) deposition

Rock breaking down physically into smaller pieces is called
a) mechanical weathering
b) chemical weathering
c) erosion weathering
d) oxidation weathering

All of the following are agents of mechanical weathering except:
a) release of pressure
b) abrasion
c) water
d) freezing and thawing

All of the following are agents of chemical weathering except:
a) animal actions
b) oxygen
c) carbon dioxide
d) living organisms

The movement of sediment by wind, water, ice or gravity is called
a) chemical weathering
b) erosion
c) sediment
d) mechanical weathering

The agent of weathering that causes rust is
a) plant growth
b) carbon dioxide
c) abrasion
d) oxygen

The two factors that determine the rate of weathering are
a) type of rock and climate
b) type of rock and location
c) temperature and humidity
d) humidity and type of rock

Weathering occurs faster
a) in cool, wet climates
b) in hot, wet climates
c) in hot, dry climates
d) in cool, dry climates

Rock particles wearing down other rock is an example of
a) abrasion
b) freezing and thawing
c) water
d) plant growth

The Grand Canyon is an example of weathering and erosion by
a) wind
b) water
c) ice
d) gravity

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