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Any nonzero number to the zero power is.....
a) two
b) zero
c) one
d) none of the above

When using______ you add the exponents in order to multiply the two powers
a) integers
b) power
c) exponent
d) product of powers

______ are numbers like(1,2,3..)
a) real number
b) natural numbers
c) rational numbers
d) unknown numbers

______ is the common factor in a power
a) Base
b) exponent
c) integers
d) power

A number that can be written as a ratio of two integers with a nonzero denominator. In other words, the number can be written as a fraction
a) monomial
b) irrational number
c) rational number
d) base

a) whole numbers
b) natural numbers
c) integers
d) exponent

When two numbers have a product of one
a) multiplicative inverse
b) terminating decimal
c) monomial
d) exponent

Result of repeated multiplication
a) ratio
b) power
c) base
d) one

The number of times the base is used as a factor
a) Exponent
b) rational number
c) one
d) power

When you multiply the exponents you use the ___________ rule
a) power of a product
b) power of a power
c) quotient of powers
d) product of powers

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