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How long will Cole be in Southeast Alaska?
a) One year
b) Two years
c) One week
d) Three weeks

What kind of Native American is Garvey?
a) Cherokee
b) Splingit
c) Tlingit
d) Cheyenne

How old is Cole?
a) 13
b) 14
c) 15
d) 16

Why is Cole in trouble this time?
a) He robbed a bank.
b) He beat up Peter
c) He beat up Edwin
d) He stole from his parents.

What did Cole do in the past when he got in trouble?
a) He ran away.
b) He went to jail.
c) He did drugs/alcohol
d) He pretended he was sorry until it blew over.

What is Cole's plan to avoid jail?
a) Circle Justice
b) run away
c) say he didn't do it
d) go to court

What does the Spirit bear posess?
a) golden fur
b) special powers
c) pride, dignity, and honor
d) anger and agression

What plant does Edwin say will cause infected hands?
a) Poison Ivy
b) Poison Oak
c) stinging nettle
d) Devils Club

Why isn't Cole's shelter closer to the stream?
a) Because the stream may flood
b) Because they want Cole to walk farther
c) Because of the other animals
d) All of the above

What is an At.oow?
a) a knife
b) A wool blanket
c) A native American dance
d) fishing gear.

How long is Cole in detention?
a) Almost three months
b) Over three months
c) One year
d) Three weeks

Who trashes Cole's room at the detention center?
a) Peter
b) Garvey
c) Cole
d) Edwin

What does Cole do when the skiff is out of site?
a) Find food
b) Find Water
c) Go Hunting
d) Burn down the shelter and supplies.

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