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All cheetahs in a population resemble each other. Which is a characteristic that results from environmental influence and differs among members of the population?
a) patterned fur
b) height and weight
c) long, muscular legs
d) yellow-colored eyes

Marsha sees two frogs by the pond behind her house. Which statement best describes why the two frogs look similar?
a) The frogs eat the same food.
b) The frogs live in the same habitat.
c) The frogs are members of the same species.
d) The frogs are the same age.

Which action does a kitten learn from its mother?
a) how to grow
b) how to meow
c) how to hunt mice
d) how to nurse milk

Which characteristic, inherited from a dog's parents, would most likely increase its ability to protect its owner?
a) the dog's fur color
b) the dog's grooming
c) the dog's ability to bark
d) the dog's ability to perform trick

Which characteristic will a baby chimpanzee inherit from its parents?
a) fur color
b) hunting skills
c) feeding behavior
d) sleeping routine

Which feature is a kitten most likely to inherit from its parents?
a) diet
b) color
c) health
d) independence

Which of these is true?
a) Offspring gets 50% of its genes from mother and 50% from father.
b) Offspring gets 100% of its genes from its mother.
c) Offspring gets 100% of its genes from its father.
d) Offspring gets 100% of its genes from its mother's parents.

Which of these is not an example of an inherited trait?
a) swinging on the playground
b) eye color
c) floppy ears
d) shape of leaf

A population of the same kind of organism.
a) species
b) population
c) parent
d) offspring

Which of these is not an example of an acquired trait?
a) blond hair
b) reading a book
c) hair style
d) basketball skills

Characteristic that an organism gets from its parents.
a) inherited trait
b) acquired trait
c) environmental trait
d) learned trait

The scientific study of heredity.
a) genetics
b) biology
c) geology
d) geneology

Material in a cell that determines what characteristics will be passed from parent to offspring.
a) genes
b) trait
c) instinct
d) species

Organisms that pass their genetic material on to their offspring
a) parent
b) trait
c) population
d) offspring

Bob's mom and dad played basketball. Both his parents are tall and can dribble well. Bob's dad dribbles with his left hand. Bob wants to play basketball like his parents. What inherited trait does Bob have?
a) Bob is tall.
b) Bob is left handed.
c) Bob can dribble well.
d) Bob likes basketball.

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