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What was the Caribbean Islands' main Industry in the colonial period?
a) growing sugar cane
b) Bananas
c) coffee
d) pineapples

What was the first crop that Central American countries produced for export?
a) bananas
b) sugar cane
c) coffee
d) pineapples

In what ways did the United Fruit Company change the economies of Central America?
a) established Coffee farms
b) established large banana plantations and created another important product
c) built sugar cane plantations
d) exported banans to the world

What did countries in the region develop to DIVERSIFY their economies?
a) built fruit plantations
b) started factories
c) made tourist resorts
d) tourism and industries

What do factories in Costa Rica manufacture?
a) machinery, furniture, cloth, and medicine
b) machinery, furniture, medicine, toys
c) furniture, cloth, medicine, toys
d) cloth, medicine, furniture, bobsleds

What 3 ethnic influences have combined to form Caribbean Cultures?
a) Native Americans, African, North Americans
b) Native Americans, North Americans, Europeans
c) Native Americans, African, and European
d) Native Americans, Europeans, French

What is the most widespread religon in the West Indies?
a) Shango
b) Catholicism
c) Voodoo
d) Santeria

What other religons have developed in the Caribbean as a result of African influences?
a) Buddahism, Roman Catholicism, Voodoo
b) Roman Catholicism, Protestant Groups, Santeria
c) Protestant Groups, Voodoo, Shango
d) Voodoo, Santeria, Shango

Approximately how many Native American languages are spoken in Central America?
a) 80
b) 10
c) 40
d) 90

What religous beliefs are important in Central America?
a) Mainly Roman Catholicism as well as some Protestant Groups
b) Roman Catholicism, Protestant Groups, Santeria
c) Protestant Groups, Voodoo, Shango
d) Voodoo, Santeria

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