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Social class made up of French clergy
a) Estates General
b) bourgeoisie
c) First Estate
d) National Assembly

The French Parliament
a) Third-Estate
b) Bourgeoisie
c) Consulate Congress
d) Estates-General

The French middle class
a) Bourgeoisie
b) Taille
c) Jacobins
d) Coup d'etat

A sudden overthrow of government
a) Reign of Terror
b) Coup d'etat
c) Jacobins
d) Les Guillotine

A person qualified to vote in an election
a) senator
b) elector
c) consulate
d) taille

A unique cultural identity of people
a) nationalism
b) liberalism
c) conservatism
d) impeachment

Napoleon's new government after 1799, named after ancient Roman governments
a) the consulate
b) the Allied State
c) Pantheon
d) Civil Code

Napoleon's unified system of law, which made women less equal to men
a) Declaration of the Rights of Man
b) Declaration of the Rights of Women
c) Bill of Rights
d) Napoleonic Code or Civil Code

The organization headed by Robespierre
a) Mountain Club
b) Reign of Terror
c) Committee of Public Safety
d) Coup D'etat

The belief that people should be free from government restraint
a) nationalism
b) liberalism
c) conservatism
d) taxation

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