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Which branch of the military is Most likely to patrol the coastline?
a) Coast Guard
b) Air Force
c) Army
d) Marines

Those gentlemen, who will be elected senators, will fix themselves in the federal town, and become citizens of that town more than of your state. What does this person support?
a) strong central government
b) Articles of Confederation
c) Declaration of Independence
d) George Washington as president.

What is one difference between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution?
a) Under the Articles, the government only had one branch.
b) Under the articles, the federal government was strong.
c) Under the Constitution, all state had to approve laws.
d) Under the Constitution, all government could not pass laws to collect taxes.

Why did state with large populations favor the Virginia Plan?
a) It had the legislature choose judges.
b) it had the legislature choose the executive.
c) It based representation on population.
d) It based representation on land area.

What did the three-fifths compromise do?
a) It required three-fifths of the states to ratify a law
b) It put three-fifths of the Articles of Confederation in the Constitution
c) It gave small states three-fifths as many representatives as large states.
d) It included three-fifths of the enslaved people in population counts.

What's the best title for this list: Rule of law, judicial review, popular sovereignty?
a) The Declaration of Independence's Guarantees
b) Way of ensuring domestic tranquillity
c) Elements of Democracy in the United States
d) Reasons for expanding voting rights.

Why did some hesitate to ratify the Constitution?
a) They did not want to be part of the new country.
b) They wanted a Bill of Rights
c) They wanted to abolish slavery.
d) They were hoping for a better document.

What caused Shay's Rebellion?
a) One state raised taxes that people paid on their property.
b) The federal government taxed the income farmers earned.
c) The federal government jailed people who could not pay their taxes.
d) One state refused to pay the taxes it owed the federal government.

What problem did war debts pose for the new nation?
a) The government could not collect taxes to repay the debts.
b) The government could not get good terms for repaying the debts.
c) The American people did not want to repay the debts.
d) The American People did not believe that the country owed money.

The powers not delegated to the US by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States or to the people. This amendment was a victory for ...
a) Anti-federalists
b) Nationalists
c) those who wanted a strong central government
d) those who supported James Madison's views.

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