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Why did England want to start a colony in North America?
a) English wanted to bring Native Americans back to work in the England.
b) The English rulers wanted to convert the Native Americans to Christianity.
c) English explorers had discovered large amounts of gold in what is now VIrginia.
d) England's rival Spain had North American colonies. England wanted to compete with Spain.

Parliament passed a series of harsh laws in response to the Boston Tea Party. What did colonists call those laws?
a) Common Sense
b) Intolerable Acts
c) Townshend Acts
d) Olive Branch Petition

What key event took place after the Patriots' victory in the Battle of Saratoga?
a) The French joined the colonies to fight the British
b) The Spanish invaded Great Britain.
c) The British took control over the whole Hudson River valley.
d) The Patriot Army under Benedict Arnold fell apart.

Where were the first two battles of the Revolutionary War fought?
a) Savannah and Charleston
b) Yorktown and Fort Ticonderoga
c) Lexington and Concord
d) Trenton and Valley Forge

Which colony was known for its good relations with Native Americans?
a) Georgia
b) Carolina
c) Maryland
d) Virginia

Which of the following did the Pilgrims promise to do in the Mayflower Compact?
a) Allow their members not to take part in the church if they didn't want to.
b) conquer the Native Americans
c) defeat the Spanish army that had built a fort in New England.
d) work together to make just and equal laws.

Why did Great Britain repeal the Stamp Act?
a) France invaded and conquered Great Britain
b) Great Britain earned enough money from the tax to repay its debt.
c) The colonists threatened Stamp agents and boycotted British goods.
d) The Stamp Act had caused Native American revolts.

Which product was traded by Southern colonists who lived near the coast?
a) wheat
b) tobacco
c) timber
d) iron

Life in the Dutch colonies of New Netherlands was based on..
a) fishing
b) shipbuilding
c) farming
d) commerce

Why did Spanish settlements spread in North America?
a) Spanish missionaries set up villages called missions
b) The Spanish army build a series of forts.
c) The Spanish Navy set up bases along the coast.
d) Spanish teachers building colleges and universities.

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