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7. rhyme: repetition of sounds in words that appear __ to one another in a poem
a) close
b) immediately next
c) subordinate
d) none of these choices

8. end rhyme: most common form of rhyme, occurs at the __ of two or more lines
a) end
b) beginning
c) middle
d) none of these choices

9. refrain: word, phrase, line, or group of words that is __ regularly in a poem
a) repeated
b) skipped
c) dramatized
d) none of these choices

10. characters: in poetry often stand for certain ideas or __ qualities, which the poet wishes to celebrate
a) heroic
b) universal
c) human
d) none of these choices

11. figurative language: language meant to be interpreted imaginatively, NOT __
a) literally
b) poetically
c) figuratively
d) none of these choices

12. simile: comparison between two basically __ things, using words such as “like” and “as”
a) unlike
b) similar
c) imaginative
d) none of these choices

13. metaphor: comparison between two unlike things: a poem must be brightness moving -- poem is compared to brightness __
a) moving
b) glowing
c) illuminating
d) none of these choices

14. image: mental __ created in one’s mind
a) picture
b) breakdown
c) language
d) none of these choices

15. imagery: use of vivid language to __ people, places, things, and ideas
a) describe
b) repeat
c) converge
d) none of these choices

16. symbol: any person, places, or thing that has a meaning in itself and that also __ for something else
a) stands
b) repeats
c) rhymes
d) none of these choices

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