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Symbol for Iodine
a) I
b) Io
c) Li
d) Di

number of protons for mercury
a) 121
b) 80
c) 200.59
d) 12

How many neutrons are in an atom of Argon?
a) 18
b) 40
c) 58
d) 22

Atomic number of Polonium (Po)
a) 15
b) 209
c) 56
d) 84

Which is the closest to the number of elements on the periodic table?
a) 118
b) 150
c) 45
d) 68

What is the period number for Radium (Ra)?
a) 5
b) 2
c) 7
d) 88

Krypton is a member of which family?
a) noble gases
b) halogens
c) alkaline earth metals
d) alkali metals

atomic number of Tin
a) 118.710
b) 50
c) 14

column of elements
a) family
b) period

row of elements
a) family
b) group
c) period

Symbol for Helium
a) H
b) Ag
c) He
d) Hg

Atomic number always equals
a) electrons
b) neutrons
c) protons

Symbol for Gold
a) Au
b) Ag
c) Go
d) Ge

Name for group 17
a) noble gases
b) alkali metals
c) halogens
d) transition metals

Group number for Zinc
a) 4
b) 4
c) 12
d) 30

Number of groups/families on the table
a) 7
b) 14
c) 18
d) 25

What is the symbol for Iron?
a) I
b) Ir
c) Fe
d) Au

Which element is located in Period 4, Group 1?
a) Potassium
b) Titanium
c) Sodium
d) Iridium

period number for Zirconium
a) 40
b) 5
c) 4
d) 91

Number of nonmetals on the periodic table
a) 118
b) 7
c) 18
d) 17

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