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Most of the heating of the troposphere comes from
a) conduction.
b) convection.
c) condensation.
d) radiation.

The freezing point of pure water on the Celsius scale is
a) 0В°C.
b) 212В°C.
c) 32В°C.
d) 100В°C.

Convection takes place because
a) warm and cold air have the same density.
b) cold air is more dense than warm air.
c) cold air is less dense than warm air.
d) warm air is more dense than humid air.

The greenhouse effect is
a) the process by which gases hold heat in the atmosphere.
b) a gradual increase in the temperature of the atmosphere.
c) the reflection of solar energy into the atmosphere.
d) the absorption of energy by clouds.

On average, a snowfall of 20 centimeters would equal a rainfall of
a) 1 centimeter.
b) 2 centimeters.
c) 4 centimeters.
d) 10 centimeters.

Local winds differ from global winds because they
a) are due to unequal rainfall.
b) are caused by differences in cloud cover.
c) are not influenced by air masses.
d) are caused by unequal heating within a small area.

Heat from the sun reaches you by
a) light emission.
b) conduction.
c) radiation.
d) convection.

Using different types of technology, like weather satellites, radar, and river gauges, scientists can reduce flood damage and loss of life by providing
a) advance warnings.
b) flash floods.
c) long-term droughts.
d) nonpoint sources.

The horse latitudes are located
a) at about 60 degrees north and south latitudes.
b) at about 30 degrees north and south latitudes.
c) at the equator.
d) at the north and south poles.

Very high feathery clouds are called
a) stratus clouds.
b) nimbostratus clouds.
c) cumulonimbus clouds.
d) cirrus clouds.

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