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What state is the third-largest state in America?
a) Texas
b) Rhode Island
c) California
d) Alaska

How is San Francisco different from San Diego and Los Angeles?
a) The temperatures in San Francisco are much cooler.
b) The population of San Francisco is much higher.
c) Surfing is more popular in San Francisco.
d) The winters in San Francisco are warmer.

What is the California article mostly about?
a) Los Angeles
b) San Diego
c) San Francisco
d) All of the above

How is San Francisco different from Los Angeles and San Diego?
a) San Francisco is greener.
b) San Francisco is much cooler.
c) San Francisco is entertaining.
d) San Francisco is windier.

What is the population of San Diego?
a) 2.6 million people
b) 1.1 million people
c) 1.3 million people
d) 1.3 billion people

San Francisco owes much of its history and development to what?
a) its location by the San Francisco Bay
b) the Golden Gate Bridge
c) its foggy weather
d) its depiction in pop culture

What is the San Francisco, the City by the Bay article mostly about?
a) how the Spanish discovered San Francisco
b) San Francisco's economic importance
c) San Francisco's history and development
d) the largest city in California

What year did explorers discover San Francisco?
a) 1769
b) 1533
c) 1669
d) 1892

Why were prospective miners flocking to California?
a) Free land
b) Escape the Indians
c) Gold Rush
d) Surfing

Which city is larger than San Francisco?
a) San Diego
b) Los Angeles
c) San Jose
d) Apache Junction

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