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What type of rock is formed at divergent plate boundaries?
a) igneous
b) metamorphic
c) sedimentary
d) minerals

The inner planets like Earth and Mercury are most likely composed of what?
a) gas and ammonia ice
b) dust and gas
c) metals and silicates
d) frozen gas and galactic dust

A divergent plate boundary on land is most likely to cause what geologic feature?
a) mountain
b) rift valley
c) volcano
d) earthquake

What kinds of geologic hazards aer associated with transform plate boundaries?
a) tornadoes
b) landslides
c) hurricanes
d) hurricanes

Looking at a seimographic reading, how do you know which city is the closest to the epicenter?
a) city where the p waves and the s waves are the same distance apart
b) the city where the p waves and the s waves are farther apart
c) the city where the p waves and the s waves are closer together
d) no way to tell from the information provided

The ring of fire in the Pacific Ocean is a big location for major copper resources on Earth. What geologic features are also found here:
a) volcanic mountains
b) rift valleys
c) mid ocean ridges
d) continental plains

Which scenario below would experience the most rainfall?
a) the windward side of a mountain with a continental tropical air mass
b) the leeward side of a mountain with a continental polar air mass
c) the leeward side of a mountain with a polar maritime air mass
d) the windward side of a mountain with a maritime polar air mass

Which climate has the most rich, organic, topsoil
a) tundra
b) rain forest
c) savannah
d) humid continental

What geologic process creates caves?
a) subduction
b) compaction
c) weathering
d) cementation

Most caves are created by what agent?
a) wind
b) water
c) gravity
d) electrolysis

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