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Sound is a disturbance that travels through a medium as a
a) longitudinal wave
b) surface wave
c) standing wave
d) transverse wave

The pitch of a sound that you hear depends on the wave's
a) frequency
b) loudness
c) intensity
d) speed

Which of the following factors determines the loudness of a sound
a) amplitude of the sound wave
b) frequency of the sound wave
c) density of the medium
d) temperature of the medium

As the frequency of a wave traveling at a constant speed increases, its _________ decreases
a) wavelength
b) resonance
c) speed
d) sound

In a longitudinal wave moving along a spring, areas where the coils are farthest apart are called
a) rarefactions
b) compressions
c) depressions
d) interference

The more ________ a wave has, the greater its amplitude.
a) energy
b) speed
c) crests
d) troughs

The spreading out of waves after they pass through a narrow opening or around a barrier is called
a) diffraction
b) constructive interference
c) destructive interference
d) resonance

When the crests of one wave align with the ____________ of an identical wave, the amplitude of the resulting wave is zero.
a) troughs
b) nodes
c) antinodes
d) rest position

The speed of sound in air decreases in _______ temperature.
a) colder
b) hotter
c) liquid
d) solid

The law of reflection states that the angle of incidence is _________ the angle of reflection.
a) equal to
b) greater than
c) less than
d) bends away from

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