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Relative humidity can be measured with a
a) barometer.
b) anemometer.
c) thermometer.
d) psychrometer.

Large clouds that often produce thunderstorms are called
a) cumulonimbus clouds.
b) nimbostratus clouds.
c) stratus clouds.
d) cirrus clouds.

To modify precipitation, clouds are sometime seeded with
a) salt and silver iodide.
b) dry ice and silver iodide.
c) salt and fine sand.
d) dry ice and salt.

Two conditions are required for cloud formation: cooling of the air and
a) the influence of the Coriolis effect.
b) the presence of particles in the air.
c) the absorption of infrared energy.
d) the unequal heating of Earths surface.

Wind speed is measured by a
a) barometer.
b) thermometer.
c) anemometer.
d) hygrometer.

Most of Earths incoming ultraviolet radiation is absorbed by
a) clouds.
b) dust.
c) water vapor.
d) ozone.

Winds are caused by differences in
a) air pressure.
b) turbulence.
c) humidity.
d) precipitation.

Clouds form when water vapor in the air
a) is deposited as ice onto a solid surface.
b) condenses onto a solid surface.
c) condenses and becomes liquid water or ice crystals.
d) falls to the ground.

A drought is a long period of
a) less rainfall than normal.
b) heavy, damaging rains.
c) unusually hot weather.
d) rain coming late in the year.

Most of the energy that heats Earths atmosphere is
a) blue light.
b) visible light.
c) ultraviolet light.
d) infrared radiation.

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