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Sydney's dad took her stuffed animal away because Sydney had misbehaved. Sydney PLEADED with her dad to give her the stuffed animal back.
a) A. asked him
b) B. begged him
c) C. did not care
d) D. offered to pay him

Jeff's father was IRATE because Jeff talked back to him and had a bad attitude all day long.
a) A. Happy
b) B. Angry
c) C. Not Bothered
d) D. Tired

7. The prima ballerina snickered when she saw her main rival stumbling over the new dance steps.
a) A. laughed derisively
b) B. coughed politely
c) C. commented
d) D. parodied

6. Kyla's lips started to quiver when she heard that her daughter had been kidnapped.
a) A. close
b) B. open
c) C. shrink
d) D. tremble

5. The mayor denounced the kidnapping of the eight year old year, and vowed that he would do everything in his power to get the girl back and punish the kidnappers to the fullest extent of the law.
a) A. condemned
b) B. criticized
c) C. commented
d) D. contorted

4. Lourdes watched the performance with apprehension; she felt that anytime now, someone would make a mistake and the audience would laugh at her class.
a) A. fascination
b) B. dread
c) C. rapture
d) D. listlessness

3. While Jonathan escaped the accident with just a scratch on his arm, his car was badly mangled.
a) A. spared
b) B. scratched
c) C. returned
d) D. ruined

2. The vendor, hoping to finish selling his goods before noon, ambled toward the group of clueless tourists.
a) A. crawled
b) B. sold
c) C. walked
d) D. limped

1. George could only stand in shock as Lilian tramped across the field, her angry eyes latched on to him.
a) A. tread heavily
b) B. walked slowly
c) C. limped quickly
d) D. darted past

The thought of eating a rat is ABHORRENT to most people.
a) A. fun
b) B. horrible
c) C. delicious
d) D. exciting

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